Current Date:16 July, 2020

How to Check Your Assets Information

One of the focus of Pakistani government is to increase transparency to cope with corruption. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched a new portal on their website, where you can check your assets information free in Pakistan.

FBR Maloomat

The new system FBR Maloomat is an easy-to-use platform. If you have login details of IRIS system, then you can simply log into this portal and get your information on one-click.

Getting registered on FBR Maloomat

Getting registered on FBR Maloomat is also very easy. You will be required to fill-up the following information;

CNIC number: You are required to put in your 13 digit CNIC/ NICOP number in the first field as a citizen recognition control.

Name: Fill in your first, middle and last name, as per CNIC/NICOP. (leave middle name field empty if you don’t have one)
Current Service Provider/ Phone Number: provide you contact information; it is advisable to provide a number registered under your name. Give Captcha and submit the form.

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