January 18, 2022

3 Places In Lahore You Didn’t Know Existed

As a Lahori Lori, I think I LOVE my city a little too much. Well who doesn’t. I have access to SOOO many things and so many places that my cousins from other cities DEFINITELY can’t relate with. 😋

Lahore is a fun place, but ONLY if you know where to go. You can’t just sit at home & complain how boring Lahore is. Let me tell you 3 places in Lahore you did not know existed, better add them to your go-to list.


We’ve seen Halsey to Hadids jump in this SUPER EXCITING trampoline park abroad but who knew it’s in Lahore as well? Check the pictures of this OVER THE TOP trampoline park, i’m very sure you would wanna go there now.

You can loosen yourself up in the most indispensable way. With every jump I feel like I am flying and the time slows down when I am in the air. Located on Main Boulevard Lake City Raiwind Road, its price started from Rs. 550.

See. Well, now you know why it’s everyone’s favourite!

Kaka Bawa Sons – Hotelex

Okay, so this is my another find and happened to be one of my favourite places. We Lahoris are SO involved in going-to-big Malls culture for grocery, we totally forget about the other options we have rather than going to big malls like Al Fatah and spending loose some greens there.

So basically, a friend of mine recently went to FAMOUS SUPERMARKET to buy some kitchen items for his new business and he bought some REALLY expensive shiz and was not very happy. That’s when he discovered Kawa Bawa in Main Market & found the same kitchen items (with MUCH variety) at cheaper rates there and when I say “cheaper”, believe me, the rates really are CHEAPER.

Chit Chaat Cafe

Ever wanted things to be mad cutesy but you can’t have it that way? Yikes, poor you 😳 looks like you have never been to Chit Chaat.

This aesthetically pleasing cafe is on 4 Jail Road and it’s a dream come true for everyone who can’t live without sharing their food on Instagram – I mean, if you’re not one of those people, I think you MUST know someone who’s like that. Let them know about Chit Chaat. Its colorful ambience coupled with amazing food makes it an ideal get away from monotonous of street restaurants. Keep a budget of Rs 500 to Rs 600 for a couple and keep you phone charged. You won’t resist to capture your experience here.

All of these places are lesser known gems hidden in Lahore. Share with us if you know more places like these, we will try to feature them and share with our city dwellers.

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