January 18, 2022

4 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Who said that for a good skin you need to buy Laura Mercier, Dior, VLCC or Neutrogena facial kit? When for healthy and glowing skin, trust me, all you need is to check your pantry. The DIY remedies are in your kitchen already, ladies!
Let me share with you how you can tighten your skin pores, make your skin glow and look fresh out of heaven (#NoPunIntended LOL.). These are my top homemade beauty hacks.
Not a bad deal yeah!

The secret of all secrets

When you aim to have fresh skin, simply add one thing in your daily routine, and that is to drink plenty of water. Remember this in the same order; Breathe, Drink, Eat. This mantra is how you will feed your skin. Lahore is blessed with sweet waters. We should take advantage of this. Drinking a lot of water not only reduces toxins from your body but also stop your skin from aging.

The Panacea

Use Gran Flour (بیسن) – yes the famous besan. It is not only superb for making pakoras but highly recommended for the skin. Just take little of it mix it with rose water, scrub slightly on your face leave for ten minutes to dry and wash – GLOW

Yes! This magical ingredient is so easy to use. You may mix it with yogurt, lemon, honey, milk or sandalwood powder. All these combinations are amazing. You need to scrub besan at least thrice a week, and there you go FRESH!

The cleanser

While living in Lahore, it is difficult to go out and save yourself from dust. So, make a habit of cleansing your skin daily, especially after removing makeup or if your skin was exposed to dust. I usually prefer using quality makeup only and never overdo makeup. It’s critical to never sleep with your makeup on. I have a fantastic organic solution for cleansing, i.e., cucumber juice. It will make you gorey gorey in just 15 minutes.

Welcome your baby-skin back

Here’s good news for those who have open pores. No need to feel sorry about them gal! all you can do is treat cold to them, so they don’t grow more YAS! I mean just little homemade Cryotherapy. Put ice bags on your pores for a few minutes and repeat this for a week. You will feel a change. Another technique is to apply egg white with drops of lemon juice if your skin is dry add honey in it and apply for 10-15 minutes then rinse off. With repeated applications, you will see the difference.

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