January 18, 2022

5 Ways To Make Your Woman Laugh – Tried and Tested

Research has shown that guys try to funny and women love guys who share their sense of humor. Lahoris, like other Punjabis, have a witty sense of humor and can never run out of sarcastic one-liners (جگت ). Tickling some funny bones is considered to be a charm for a long happy relationship.
No wonders we have a lot of books in the self-help aisle of bookstores, making it a billion dollar industry. So, if you want to look ever more popular, charming and approachable; you have landed the right page.

Here, I offer you practical and guaranteed ways to make your women laugh.

Laughing at yourself

Your sense of humor cannot be taught to you; it comes within yourself. To explore that, you should start describing your experiences in a lighter way. Some of the best stand-up comedians base their entire performance joking about their real-life situation. For instance, we all know stupid stuff from when we were teens, bring it up, share it and laugh about it together.
Laughing at yourself shows to her that you are a laid back and cool person. It also makes her trust you more.
Be careful: self-deprecation can go from funny to awkward very quickly. So, avoid ranting too much; this may make you look miserable.

Talk less

Remember that you don’t need to talk too much to be funny. Most of the funniest people use one-liners. Save your words for something meaningful to say. It should be conversation wrapped in humor, not humor confusing your discussions. Listening more is the key to your significant other’s heart.
It’s okay to try being stupid

Acting stupid, consciously, to get a laugh out her is safe as long as it doesn’t turn offensive. Your humor doesn’t need to clever all the time, especially when you don’t know her sense of humor. Some couple has the best laugh of cheesy and stupid jokes, so depends. So you don’t need to be afraid of trying the ridiculous funny side of yours.

Know the No-fly zone

If she’s having a rough day or experiencing mood-swings, you don’t try to laugh it out – that will be awkward. Take a break every now often; you don’t want her never to take you seriously. Women also don’t expect you to be funny all the time, so pushing it hard will only backfire.

Sharpen your skills

You can always try to land your jokes in conversations with a trusted and nonjudgmental friend’s circle. This way you can explore the best jokes you can do; elaborated wit or quick one-liners.
Else, you can show her your favorite comedy movie or standup, just to test what tickles a laugh out of her. Remember the jokes that may work with your dad might not work with your mom. So, we can take the time to understand what type of your woman is.

Golden rule: Forced humor is awkward; being funny all the time is irritating and talking too much makes your points worthless. Focus and play on your strengths; you can be a better listener than a particularly funny orator.

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