January 18, 2022

6 products to make your makeup look more natural from Daraz.pk

Every girl wants a no-makeup-look day


Cosmetic products are the need of every single female. Every girl wants to look stylish, stunning and wants to do makeup which makes her look more natural. You can easy over-do your face, let’s pick some of my all time no-makeup look product ideas. Well my numero uno rule with product is to get high quality only. And guess what! daraz.pk can deliver it to you behbeh.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte

from Daraz.pk

Let’s begin with the most essential thing which keeps your makeup look perfect – the foundation. Who knows make up products better than the Maybelline New York. It offers you Maybelline Fit Me Matte – arguably the best foundation for normal and oily skin, that I tried. Because it covers my pores. It will give you a great result – guaranteed. Zero disappointments and best quality because of its Maybelline.

Tip: You need to get your skin-tone right so take a photo from your phone with flash-on, while testing. 

It helps you to do a makeup look more natural and flawless. It is available in liquid form and at a reasonable price, starting from Rs 600 Only.

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Natural

elf Flawless Finish Foundation Natural from Daraz.pk

A one of the top cosmetic brand ELF cosmetic offers e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Natural. In a short span of time due to its best quality and outstanding long-lasting results it has become the talk of the town and a best-selling foundation. This liquid form foundation helps to make the uneven tones and textures of skin even – this is how you should test it in some mall display before buying. Its oil-free formula blends perfectly and gives a natural look. It is available online at an affordable price range – starting from Rs. 999.  Remember that quantity is lesser than some other pricy products. So, make your budgets decisions well calculated. It is an imported product from the USA, so carrying it in my bag is a show-off, you know. LOL. Try this e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation Natural for a natural flawless look.

Cool Beauty Foundation with Vitamin-E

From Daraz.pk

I normally don’t trust low-key brands. But sometimes we find a product like Cool Beauty Foundation which is one of the best foundation available in Pakistan. It’s a Chinese product but works for me. It is best for all types of skin and for the makeup – Chinese all-rounder type you know . It is also an oil-free product that comes in the form of liquid. Appication is very easy – just drop and rub. For some reason I feel, it makes my skin glowing. If you’ll try it ask your friends and let me know if you feel the glow as well. Not only removes the dark spots but also hide the wrinkles. It has a long-lasting impact and makes your skin smooth. Starting from Rs 350, it is worth a try.

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation F1

from Daraz.pk

A renowned brand Makeup Revolution London has this easy to apply Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation F1. I loved this packing, looks so chic. It is available for all skin tones of course so match a tone first to get a perfect no-make-up look.  It melts into the skin and also it blends flawlessly to give a fresh and natural look. It is worth buying – the original product will cost you above Rs.1000. So, don’t fall for cheap replica.

Revolution London’s products are a bit pricy, but this product is worth-a-try. All I need is a lip-gloss after this and I am done for the day.

Focallure™ Face – Foundation Setting Powder

To give your makeup a natural matte look Focallure is one of the best foundations setting powder for the face. It gives your makeup a flawless finish and makes your skin silky and smooth. My definite pick from Lahore’s Summer. It will help you through load-shedding power cuts. LOL.

It absorbs oil from your face and gives your make-up a longer life. It also saves you from melting under the Sun. This product does’t really looks grainy on me, it is a powder but it feels like a cream TBH. Well! you can try it for yourself. Get this amazing Focallure™ Face – Foundation Setting Powder  online from Rs. 500.

Focallure™ Skin Evolution fluid foundation

from Daraz.pk

Like Focallure™ Face – Foundation Setting Powder, Focallure™ Skin Evolution foundation also helps you to give a natural look to your make up. Itis available in the form of liquid. Its oil controlling formula helps the foundation to stay up to 12 hours without fading, drying or cracking. It gives your skin a lightweight and gorgeous natural colour. Its creamy formula blends it easily and makes your skin silky and smooth. The active ingredients of the foundation repair your damaged skin and reduced the wrinkles and visible fine lines. Starting from Rs. 650, this is one of my fav.

Not to mention these are great ideas for gift for mother, gifts for wife, gifts for friends or gift for sister.

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