January 18, 2022

Amazing Chic Gifts For Mom – Under PKR 3000

Lahore has many gift shop around town, but making a gift as a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project adds a personal touch for your loved ones. Choose a easy DIY project for the options below and impress your mom. You can buy materials in Lahore from the mentioned shops or you can get the gift delivered on your doorstep in Lahore. give your thoughts in the comment section below.

Spa Gift Box


Mom does everything to make us have a comfortable life. We should arrange ways for her to pamper herself. Gifting a Mini Spa Gift Box is a way of telling her that you care for her and you want her to treat herself special.


You can start by recycling a shoe box; cover it with paper. Add confetti or potpourri in the box. Now place carefully selected products from bathing and spa section of superstores in your gift box. You can mix and match things that suit your budget. But try to include;

  • A candle of your mom’s favorite fragrance.
  • A bath bomb or a handmade soap with exotic ingredients like Chia butter.
  • Milk bath or body lotion
  • Personalize your gift with a handwritten note in a beautiful greeting card.

These products will cost you less than PKR 3,000 to assemble, and the result is unmatchable.

Where to buy materials in Lahore? You can find these products in stores like Bed & Bath and Bodyshop in major Shopping Malls of Lahore. You can also try Potpourri Stores and Al Fatah Outlets.

Buy Readymade Online:

You can buy handmade Spa Gift Box with a personized note for Etsy, between the range of PKR 2,500 to PKR 4,000. They also deliver throughout Pakistan, so you can get it delivered in Lahore. Click here to buy.

Messages and Quotes Jar


There aren’t enough words to express our love for our mom. You can, however, make a message jar for her and say as much as you want to say.


Print or write messages (quotes) for your mom on a paper. Cut the messages and make small scrolls. You can tie them using jute string. Now get a mason jar (or a glass spices jar) and put your notes inside. It is easy to make and is remarkably emotional. This simple yet impressive gift will cost you less than PKR 1,000 to DIY.

Where to buy materials in Lahore? Jars can be found online from Daraz.pk, or you can visit supermarkets like Hyperstar or Metro in Lahore to see a variety of glass jars.

Buy Readymade Online:

Writing all the messages may take a lot of work. So, you can buy a quote jar online by clicking here. The price is around PKR 3,000.

Mom Pillow

Cushions and pillows are a very warm gifts for your loved ones. Making a special pillow or cushion cover


The idea is straightforward; you can buy or sew pillow cover and get it printed with your message. This pillow and printing will cost you less than Rs. 1,000 for an A4 size print. Printing charges may differ, so you can select a vendor that suits you.

Where to buy materials in Lahore? You can get the printing of your choice from places like Zazzle (Online), Selectie (Shadman) and Virgin Teez (DHA H Block). There are also a lot of options available on OLX.pk.

Light up bottle bedside lamp


Another way of giving a love message to your mother is by making a unique bedside lamp. It looks fantastic, and the message is full of warmth


You need glass paint and brush to write your personalized note on the bottle. Tracing a message is easy; you can print and put the paper in the bottle. Now, take a temporary marker and trace the words. All that is left is to paint it, which is a child’s play. Put the fairy lights inside and VOILA! This project does not cost more than Rs 500

Where to buy materials in Lahore? Glass bottles are rare to find; better to recycle a squash or a Rooh Afza bottles. Faizy lights can be found on daraz.pk or a local electric and light shop.

Buy Readymade Online:

To save yourself from the hassle you can get this gift from around PKR 2,500. Click here to buy

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