January 18, 2022

Cake Queens Of Lahore Commemorate Women Empowerment

Cherry On Top Event
In celebration of the first batch graduates, Cherry On Top hosted a grand success party to acknowledge all the achievements of these young talented women. The theme of this event was Women Empowerment.
The event was startled with esteemed guests including Maria Umar (Founder and President of Women Digital League), Gillian Georgine Rhodes (Performing Artist, USA), Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin (Theater Director Olompolo), Tehmina A. Chaudhry (Leader Of Connected Woman), Ameen Hafeez (Geo News) and famous TV and Film actress and social activist Samiya Mumtaz. All the respected guests expressed their solidity with the women of Pakistan, working in all walks of life.

Cherry On Top Women Business Incubator

Samiya Mumtaz on Cherry On top event

Samiya Mumtaz (TV & Film Actress and Social Activist)

Cherry On Top has shown light to many women in Lahore, to make them empowered and launch their businesses.

Two months ago, none of these young women had any prior knowledge about baking or starting their own business.

"The work these women have done in two months is really a form of art. I am so glad that I am here in this place", said Samiya Mumtaz expressing here joy upon these success stories.

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Women Empowerment

Esteemed guests appreciated the initiative taken by Cherry On Top, and expressed their thoughts over gender mainstreaming and women empowerment.

“For me, empowerment is the right to choose, whether you choose to remain single or you choose to remain in the marriage, whether you choose to work or not to work, whatever you decide to do should be your choice and people should respect that” – Maria Umar, Founder and President of Women Digital League

” I don’t see women empowerment as only something that helps women, I think it helps a lot of men, it’s not just that we’re supporting them or they’re supporting us, I think both men and women should start supporting each other, because when that happens you don’t grow singularly, you start to grow exponentially”
Vicky Zhuang Yi-Yin, Theater Director Olompolo and Leader Of Connected Woman.

“You guys are doing beautiful work, keep walking the path and encourage whoever is behind you to walk in with you” – Gillian Georgine Rhodes, International Performing Artist, USA

Event Hightlights