January 18, 2022

Clever Ways To Keep Your Refrigerator Organized

I hate when I have to struggle my way through a clutter of things in my fridge to find a chilled water bottle. We all know how we Lahoris pack our big fat refrigerators, LOL. I have made a list of products that every Lahori needs in summer to organize overloaded and cluttered refrigerator. This article in therapeutic for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Make a home for Soda bottles; we all know our guilty pleasure.

Under ShelfYou can make better use of a heightened shelf by placing a removable basket under it. This under-shelf basket can hold grab-n-go items that won’t fit elsewhere. It is also perfect for fragile or squishable items like ras-gullas, LOL.

I ordered these from AliExpress.com for PKR 1,500 each.


Consider buying clear plastic storage containers to organize everyday pantry items in a box

Plastic containerOne of the best fridge storage management hack is to break your shelves into smaller compartments. This hack adds a fantastic amount of storage space that is otherwise wasted due to the height of the shelves. Finding a transparent plastic container is very easy. I have seen good quality and economically priced container with handle.

You can get from Daraz.pk for around PKR 450, delivered to your home in Lahore.


Think about sparing space in the door by moving eggs to your shelves

Egg TrayYou can buy additional sturdy egg trays that may store more eggs than your door can handle #NoPunIntended LOL. This purchase will make stacking egg trays easily without crushing your eggs and omelet dreams.

I found these egg holding trays on Daraz.pk for PKR 1,020 each. I have 2 of them, one for desi eggs one for valaitee LOL.


Give a thought to dusty, unused external body of your Refrigerator

Refrigerator CoverI came across this clever hack from my Khala. She made a cover for the top of her fridge, that also serves as extra storage for pantry items. This creative runner with pockets make your refrigerator not only dust-free but also decorates it nicely.

You can find a readymade cover from Daraz.pk for PKR 456 only.

Caution: you need to balance the side with equally weighing items.

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