January 18, 2022


The new movie of “Sherlock Holmes” franchise just released on Netflix. The name is “Enola Holmes”. Staring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Clafin.

The name is a bit weird, and this movie is not actually about Sherlock Holmes. It is about his sister which the brothers abandoned with her mother when she was a child. This movie is based on The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer, The Case of the Missing Marquess. Enola Holmes was initially produced and filmed back in 2019, with Netflix picking up rights in April of 2020.

I know we were waiting for quite long for a new Sherlock Holmes movie, 8yrs to be exact since the last Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows released starring Robert Downey Jr.

And yes we had “Sherlock” TV series in between which is set in modern era and that is really a treat for us movie geeks, Benedict Cumber batch did a very good job doing Sherlock Holmes character.

But we missed that Victorian era feel in the new series. So now finally we have this “Enola Holmes” franchise.


I have a theory here to explain we are hearing the name of a sister that we never have heard in any Sherlock Holmes TV Series or Movies before, because of that “Girl Power” agenda going around the media franchises. As we know Marvel is also Re-Writing their Major characters as Female version of them. But again that’s just my theory.

So coming back to “Enola Holmes”. ‘Enola’ spells ‘Alone’ backwards. In the movie we can see that Enola lived alone with her movie all of her life with only her mother. Because of her father died when she was a little child and her brother Sherlock and Mycroft left them in a very young age.

Enola tells this story at the start of movie. Enola never went to school or have any friends because her mother home schooled her and made her read all the books they had in the library. She taught her daughter how to fight and all the peculiar stuff that no mother teaches their daughter.


So the story goes like that one morning when Enola wakes up she finds out that her mother is missing. Enola sends for her brothers to come back in order to find their mother. In that scene we can see that her brother were so absorbed in their lives that they didn’t even write to their sister or saw her picture because when they arrived at the train station they don’t even recognize her. Enola is pretty steadfast in her ways throughout the movie that I think it’s actually Sherlock who undergoes the most changes Enola confronts him about how he never tried contacting her. Mycroft also points this out saying to Sherlock “You never cared for her before”.

Sherlock is continually confronted for his abandonment of his mother and sister Enola, and when Enola also goes missing does Mrs. Lane (Enola’s Governess) tells Sherlock straight that “you’ve only abandoned her sir, I’masking that you don’t abandon her again”.

Then Sherlock Spends the rest of the film searching for his sister Enola and eventually telling Mycroft that he will take her own as his ward, he won’t abandon her again. But. As I told you the real story centers around Enola and her search for her mother. Enola journey is all about finding her freedom, her future and her purpose, as she states that in the film that being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, obviously in reference to her name spelling alone backwards. Enola goes London searching for her mother as she remember that her mother kept some things from her, like she was planning something with associates in a meeting Enola keeps remembering throughout the movie, collecting clues from that memory in order to search for her mother.

As shown in the movie, Mycroft wants Enola to conform to the traditional ways of society for her to find and serve a husband as the obedient wife. For that she’s later taken to Miss Harrison’s school for young ladies where she learns some important skills like how to properly laugh and how to embroider and how to walk. Now compare this to what her mother taught her was Jiu-Jitsu, Science and archery.

This movie is all about carving your own path and not just following the world that seeks to control you and her brother Mycroft is perfect example of that controlling world.




The Real story begins when Enola’s mother mysteriously vanishes leaving her a gift wrapped in purple ribbon. Purple was often a color used by suffragettes in their fight for the vote. We see that at Eudora’s(Enola’s Mother) secret female meetup -that referenced before as Enola’s memory of her mother’s secret life- they all were wearing that purple ribbons as well as that purple ribbon was found at the lock of a secret hideout.

This all seems to have linked to the 1903 Women’s Social and Political Union founded in the UK whose members later became known as Suffragettes.

So when Enola leaves her home where her brother Mycroft is trying to get her into Miss Harrison’s School. She meets The Viscount Tewkesbury, Marquess of Basilwether, who’s also trying to run from his overbearing family, just like Enola his family and society dictated what his future will be. They decided that he’ll end up joining military like his father and uncle. They form a bond, two people fighting the system that has forced them to become something they don’t want to be.

In London Enola searches for a woman named Edith Grayson which she found written on an envelope that she found in her mother’s documents.

Edith runs a jiu-jitsu dojo for women above a tea shop. Enola uses her power of deduction and finds things out in order to search for her mother. I won’t spoil the movie for you guys, that’s why I am not going into detail.


When Enola was searching for her mother she uncovered that she was planning something dramatic when she found the bombs and explosive material which made it clear that her mother was planning something disastrous.

In these scenes I enjoyed watching her using the deductive skills she developed in a very young age like her brother Sherlock. The way she cracked the names her mother was saying in the meeting of Suffragette women was truly mesmerizing. And the fight scene with the man with Brown Bowler Hat who’s looking for lord Tewksbury, made me remember the Downey Jr. Fights in the movie franchise.

Now Enola decides that Tewksbury is more in need of help from that dangerous man she had just escaped from. So she goes to the Tewksbury’s Home posing as both widow and Sherlock homes’ assistant. Here we meet inspector Lestrad from Scotland Yard. And again I don’t want to spoil the film for you because I want you guys to watch it yourself. So in Tewksbury’s home Enola uncovers more secrets of the conspiracy that why someone is trying to kill young Viscount.

Here I need to add something to give the idea of history. This film is set in the backdrop of a giant reform bill that’s about to be passed in UK. We aren’t exactly sure what’s in this bill but only that if this bill gets passed it will allow more people to vote and will change the future of Great Britain.

So this is the reason of young Viscount’s assassination attempts. Don’t worry I am disclosing the names here or the complete conspiracy against Tewksbury, so chill and go watch the film.

Overall the movie is very well portrayed, spinning around the idea of a girl fighting the cruel system and deciding her own choices and surviving in the outside world on her own. Not just surviving she’s killing it. Showing that sometimes it’s necessary to blend in and adopting hard choices in order to cheat the system for the purpose changing it.
I missed the Sherlock vibe in the movie. It is a more emotional drama and I didn’t found any ‘Woahh’ moment while watching it.

Movie is full of surprises. Go Watch It or I am going to spoil it for you.

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