January 18, 2022

Here is a Dessert from Heaven – Yes! It has Cinnamon

Baking is therapeutic…but eating baked desserts is ZEN

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Fahad Munir is just 19 years old. This young college student from FC College Lahore has started his cinnamon rolls shop because he’s insanely obsessed with them! The recipe is no secret, but the only secret to the perfect rolls is the devotion of the baker. “After countless experiments and a lot of kitchen mess, I discovered my very own secret ingredient that makes these cinnamon rolls unique and magical”, said Fahad talking to About Lahore, “I call them “Big Fat Rolls”, cause why not?”

The dough, the filling & the frosting – let me break it down for you to give you all the reasons you should order it right now.

The Dough

We all know that it’s all in the dough. Getting the dough right is crucial. This hand-kneaded dough has been through every folds to give you the perfect oeey goeey roll.

The Filling

Big Fat Roll’s filling is buttery enough to make you want to drool over it. When I took it’s bite, the butter drizzled down my chin and I loved it.

The Frosting

The more frosting on a roll, the better. A generous amount of perfectly balanced frosting tickles tanginess and sweetness at the same time. This guy knows how to do it.

Big Fat Rolls has the best to offer you. Try this world-class homemade confectionary – it’s going to be your next comfort food.

How to contact

You can contact Fahad for home delivery or take away (exclusively for Lahoris). Leave your enquiry in the comments below.

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