January 18, 2022

How To Get Pakistan DAE Certificate Attestation For UAE

Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE is a mandatory requirement for work VISA. You are required to get your Diploma certificate attested in Pakistan by authorized Departments/authorities and must include their official seal, serial number and authorized person’s signature.

This attestation also confirms that that mentioned department has issued the specified Diploma certificate and Seal and signatures on that particular Diploma certificate are genuine.

Pakistani Certificate/Diploma Attestation needs to be done from the issued country of the certificate, i.e., Pakistan. For using the degree certificate in UAE, the documents should be attested from the relevant board, foreign office, and UAE embassy.

You can complete all the process needed for Pakistani Diploma Certificate Attestation for UAE, by following the steps below.

Step 1: Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) Attestation

You can begin the process by visiting Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE), the office is located in Allama Iqbal town Lahore (follow the direct button below). There you will get fees challan that you are required to deposit in Nation bank of Pakistan (NBP) branch located near the Board office.

Fee Applicable as of January 2019: PKR 2,500

Documents required

  • Original DAE Technical Diploma Certificate
  • Matric SSC Certificate
  • CNIC copy
  • Fee Receipt

Receipt of fees submission shall be submitted to PBTE office, along with documents mentioned above. PBTE will give you time for the collection your certificate. They Issue letter in a sealed envelope, do not open. This letter must be taken to the IBCC office.

Step 2: IBCC Attestation

IBCC office is located Near Queen Marry College Defense road,(follow the direct button below). It is advisable that you take originals and photocopy of the following documents, just in case they will ask you.

Fee Applicable as of January 2019: PKR 450

Document Required

  • 1 Original certificate
  • 2 CNIC copy

IBCC Office also takes 5-6 days for completing their attestation process. Once you get attestation from IBCC then the next step it to go to the Foreign Office in Lahore.

Step 3: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

This attestation is mandatory before sending any documents to any other country’s Ministry or Embassy. The Foreign Affairs Office is located on Canal Road right after FC college (before the Iranian embassy, follow the direct button below). Again, please do not forget to take extra Photocopies of your documents.

Fee Applicable as of January 2019: PKR 60

Here it is advisable to reach early in the morning, and you can wait 2-3 hours to get your certificate back on the same day. Otherwise, your technical certificate will be returned on the next working day. Now after finishing Foreign office attestation you, then, have to send your degree or certificate to UAE embassy

Step 4: UAE Embassy Attestation for Pakistanis

UAE Embassy is located in Islamabad, and third-party courier services cater to attestation services. If you are living in Lahore, then you have to contact Gerry’s International office, there is a branch located near Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (follow the direct button below).

Fee Applicable as of January 2019: PKR 7,000 per certificate.

This is the last step for attestation of your technical certificate and it will be ready for one final step in UAE.

Step 5: UAE Municipality Stamp

The final step is to take your attested document to UAE Municipality. Remember, the early birds here gather the moss. So, arrive early and get free early.

Fee Applicable as of January 2019: AED120 per certificate

Note: UAE embassy may require attested copies of your previous qualification certificates (e.g., Matric SSC and Intermediate HSSC).

Voila, your certificate is ready for VISA application. For any query or help, you can ask in the comment section below. Don’t hesitate.

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