April 22, 2021

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The new movie of "Sherlock Holmes" franchise just released on Netflix. The name is "Enola Holmes". Staring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Clafin. The name is a bit weird, and this movie is not actually about Sherlock Holmes. It is about his sister which the brothers abandoned with her mother when she was a child. This movie is based on The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer, The Case of the Missing Marquess. Enola Holmes was initially produced and filmed back in 2019, with Netflix picking up rights in April of 2020. I know we were waiting for quite long for a new Sherlock Holmes movie, 8yrs to be exact since the last Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows released starring Robert Downey Jr. And yes we had "Sherlock" TV series in between which is set in modern era and that is really a treat for us movie geeks, Benedict Cumber batch did a very good job doing Sherlock Holmes character. But we missed that Victorian era feel in the new series. So now finally we have this "Enola Holmes" franchise.   I have a theory here to explain we are hearing the name of a sister that we never have heard...

Wanda Vision Trailer Breakdown

Hey y'all MCU fans! as you all know that Marvel Cinematic Universe is going into another new phase in which Marvel has announced a number of new movies and TV Series. With this Marvel is not only heading to Disney Plus with new series that will enrich some of its existing lineups but also introduce some of the most diverse, unique characters from the pages and panels of the comics. Talking about new characters in Marvel's cinematic universe, Sharmeen Obaid is also going to work with a Muslim Female Superhero movie which may or may not be based on Pakistan. With all of these great things happening in Marvel's Universe, I am really excited about the new Wanda Vision Disney Plus TV Series Trailer. And there are some things that I want to discuss and tell you my opinion after watching the trailer. Because some people are very confused after watching it.  So, let’s start. This trailer is a surprise for all the comic fans out there like me. Because it looks like the show is set in the early 1950s. In my theory, this show is all about Wanda's Reality Warping powers from Comics. She has created...

Why Should You Watch Joker Even If You’re Not A Superhero-Movies Fan

Upcoming DC movie Joker is creating quite a buzz (Oscar-buzz TBH) after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in Italy in August 2019. The movie received an eight-minute standing ovation and this is HUGE! Here’s why you should watch it even if you are not a Superhero Movie fan, as such. The Nemesis Joaquin Phoenix is playing Batman’s nemesis in this movie. So this is not an origin story of a hero but a back story of one the most famous comic-book villains. You will get to see what made him the evil supervillain who enjoys making mayhem in Gotham City. It’s A Stand Alone Premise Joker is not part of a big DC cinematic universe. It’s a stand-alone flick aiming to explore conventional realism in the superficial comic-world. So, you will understand the movie without the context and history of comic books or the cinematic universe. The Psychology Todd Phillips, the director of Joker, crafted nerve-wracking world of an evil character by portraying deep emotions. It will give you a new perspective of looking into mind of an evil-genius. The premise is chilling yet thrilling. If stories like Ted Bundy and Jack Ripper interest you, then this will...

Zehra Bibi – Female Butcher In Lahore

Butchery requires working in extreme working conditions. Women in Pakistan, however deal with meat and poultry in their kitchens, have not been seen working as a butcher. Zehra Bibi is an exception to this convention. She is working in Hyperstar market (Carrefour Lahore). Zehra is the earning-hand of her family. Unlike west, Pakistan have very minimum pay-gap for working women. Zehra is also quite satisfied with her work environment. Her company, which is operated by Dubai-based Majid Al Futtaim Group, has provided her a four to five months training and offered her a 9am to 6pm job. Stories like Zehra Bibi is an inspiration for people in Lahore. How to apple jobs in Carrefour You can send you resume to Carrefour (Hyperstar). Joining an international brand like Carrefour can be a good start or boost for your career. They also offer a competitive salary, benefits and opportunities to grow. You can email them at recruitment-PAK@mafcarrefour.com [Story originally featured in Dawn Newspaper]

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70% Of Lahoris Will Fail This Quiz — Only Paindus Will Get 10/10

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Identify Maroonda
Which of these is Dumbi Sitti (دمبی سٹی)?
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