January 18, 2022

Job-hunting and Dating Are Same – Avoid These Common Mistakes

Once Ashraf Chaudhry, Lahore’s # 1 Sales Guru, Career Advisor and author of The Craft Of Selling Yourself, explained many uncanny similarities between job hunting and dating, LOL. Either way, we try to find a perfect match. If we can find “the one” and agree to meet for a date, we need to put our best foot forward. We have to impress a stranger in the first meeting, vouching for a long-term relationship. So we dress-up well, have a lot of mental preparation and get extremely anxious.

Here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid while job hunting:

Crazy Email Address

sweetypari584 or desianaconda1991 can probably land you a date but getting a job is undoubtedly far-fetched. Your email address should be professional sounding. You can easily create an ALIAS in every famous free email service provider. Google ‘how to create an alias’ and save yourself from embarrassment, keeping your old email box.

Profile Photo Crisis

In the age of smartphones and DSLR cameras, if you still choose to upload your passport photo; you are at the losing end. Why not spend time and money on getting a professional looking picture. Many photo studios can do a fantastic job for you. You should look pleasant, positive and unpretentious. A laid back natural smile combined with a carefully selected posture can create the charm. Invest in it.

Comment below to inquire how we can help you get a LinkedIn perfect photo within your budget.

Poor CV Formatting

Technology is changing, so are evolving CV formatting techniques. Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman fonts are outdated. Conventional headings and formats in your resume can hardly make you stand out of the crowd. Using the latest techniques can make you look relevant and up to date. You can get your CV reviewed by an expert, using Guerilla CV review service by clicking here. Your CV is just like your dating profile. It’s a tool to get it all started, so invest in it.

Lack of Strategy

Something as incredible as being at the right place at the right time can never be possible without a proper approach. Job hunting is a hunt that demands you to plan. Set targets about the industry, business size and people you want to work along. We all wish the best out there but match your skills and experience with your Wishlist. Be realistic, and you might need to gain some new skills to make yourself fit for the jobs you like. Shortlist and prioritize your job aspirations. You cannot be confused about what you want. You can book a Purple Arrow Coaching session with Lahore’s # 1 Career Advisor, author of The Craft Of Selling Yourself (Please click here to claim your copy!), Ashraf Chaudhry by clicking here.

Cultivating Negativity

If you are unable to find a perfect match, it is intensely frustrating and often tiring. People may come to you and tell you to be positive. But I know, it is not easy YEAH! it feels shitty if you are not where you want to be. Your circumstances can be too complicated and difficult to manage. It’s a process that most of us have to go through. It may be longer for you than many people you know, but it is surely less painful than many that you don’t know. Remember that you have not been burdened by Allah more than you can bear. If the whole world is a mess around you, you still are an act of God. You are undoubtedly crucial for what Allah knows better. So, please keep your head up and keep trying. But remember to invest in yourself so your aspirations and skills are aligned; meaning that you are not hoping for something impossible. Your positivity is all that can help you.

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