January 18, 2022

Know Your Mangoes – The King Is Here Again

Pakistan produced around 400 different varieties of mangoes. Mostly cultivated in the centuries-old orchards in southern Punjab and Sindh, Mangoes are one the most exported fruits of Pakistan. In Lahore, we call it “the king of fruits.” We love mango jams, mango ice cream, mango juice, mango milkshakes, mango chutney, mango achar; mangoes in any form. Here are most known and glorified varieties of Mangoes, that you should be able to tell apart.

Anwar Ratol (انور رٹول)

Anwar-Ratol-LahoreNamed after a migrated mango grower, Anwar Ratol finds its roots in a small village in India; “Ratol.” Anwar Ratol is small in size making it perfectly handy for engulfing the pulp and juice. It is a powerhouse of flavors packed in a little yellow or green goodness. It hits the market at the very start of mango season. Desi Anwar Ratol remains available for a few weeks in May and June only. When raw it is a preferred variety for achar (اچار) and chutneys (چٹنی).


Chaunsa چونسا

chaunsa-mangoes-LahoreComing from Southern Punjab and Sindh, Chaunsa is considered the best variety of Mango available in Lahore. It is the most sought-after, both locally and internationally, ariety of Mangoes produced in Pakistan. Chaunsa hits the markets from the middle of June until August. It is the most exported variety of Mango and has found its fans around the world, especially the Gulf, and Middle East countries. Famous for its distinctive smell and color, Chaunsa is rich in sweetness and pulp. Chaunsa is also called as “Sumer Bahist.”

Sindhri (سندھڑی)

Sindhri-Mangoes-LahoreAs the name suggests, Sindhri mangoes find their home in Sindh. Ripen by the scorching summers of Sindh, Sindhri mangoes are called “The Queen of Mangoes.” This variety is a flag bearer of mango exports of Pakistan. Due to its juicy pulp, this variety of mango has gained much popularity around the world.

It is widely used commercially for making milkshakes and ice-creams.

Dussehri (دسہری)

Dosehri-mangoes-lahoreDussehri mango or Deshri Mango is connected with Hindu culture and is served as a part of their rituals. However, this fruit is also celebrated in Lahore and parts of Punjab. It becomes available for a few weeks at the start of July. The most exciting fact about Dussehri is that its tree takes more than 200 years before start bearing fruits.

Coming for the oldest mango gardens, Dussehri is celebrated, respected and enjoyed by all mango lovers.

Langra (لنگڑا)

langra-mango-LahoreTanginess with lip-smacking sweetness, packed with rich aroma and mouthful pulps – Langra is an experience that mango lovers cherish throughout the subcontinent.

It is considered ideal for jam making, slicing, and canning. The best quality of Langra hits the markets at the end of July. Langra may look less appealing as compared to its yellow contenders but this bomb of juice and flavors will never disappoint you.

Shan-e-Khuda (شان خدا)

Purplish-red in color, Shan-e-Khuda Mangoes, are cultivated in the gardens Rahim Yar Khan and Multan. If you are missing Mangoes in the Fall season, Shan-e-Khuda comes to your rescue. It is available on the shelves from October to November month. Due to its richness in red color, Punjabis call it as Lal Badshah (لال بادشاہ ). However, you will also find it in green and yellow shades.

Although it is a lesser-known variety of mangoes in Lahore, but it has a high export value due to its pulpiness and flavor.

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