January 18, 2022

Read your way out of depression

Once a famous clown, suffering from depression, visited a doctor without his clown makeup on. The doctor, of course, couldn’t recognize him and prescribed him to attend the circus to watch the famous clown performing.

Reading this story reminds me of how difficult it is to wear a happy-face mask every day, while depression creeps inside us. But remember “physicians cure thyself.” If you are suffering from an unexplained sadness for no apparent reason, grabbing a book can be your way of curing thyself.

What if, I don’t like reading

Once I asked a friend whether she likes parmesan cheese. And she instantly replied that she doesn’t. I changed my question and asked her, had she ever tasted parmesan cheese. And she replied she hadn’t. So, conclusively, she might like parmesan cheese, but she definitely didn’t like trying new things.

I believe in a maxim that we need to change something to get a new result. If you don’t like reading; maybe you need to try a different genre of books. And this may change the way you think about your interest in hooking up to a book.

I have met many people who feel the guilt of not reading as much as they want to. Finding a friend with similar interests can be a fix. Together you can enjoy this habit.

Which books can make me “feel good.”

If you have never bought a book for you before, going to a bookstore might be overwhelming. There are a lot of choices when it comes to finding a good bookstore in Lahore. Here are my foolproof tips for finding a book you will love:

  1. You should not go to a self-help book aisle, to begin with. Yes! It may be difficult to dive into a deep sea to learn swimming.
  2. You may start with the spirituality section or find your alter-ego in fiction work.
  3. Famous books are a great way to start with. Ashfaq Ahmed books will never be disappointing, per se. Some new-age writers are also very trustworthy, like Khalid Hosseini or Elf Shafak.
  4. If you are still lost, ask the person at the cash counter, they know their bestsellers.
  5. Trust your instincts

I start a book but never finish it

You may need a reading buddy. Buy a book for your friend and share your experience and imaginations. What can you relate the most? Remember, it’s about taking our brain to another world. You should be fascinated by this. Change the book, if you may, but not the reading habit.

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