January 18, 2022

Shah Sharabeel comebacks with ‘Twins Apart’ musical after four years

Every theatre lover in Lahore remembers musicals such as Bombay Dreams, Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera. Shah Sharabeel has made his comeback with another remarkable play Twins Apart with an Urdu play for the first time. This Urdu stage play is an adaption of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers, and it had opened at Karachi Arts Council in February. Sharabeel’s sixth musical is starting in Lahore today. The run is scheduled from April 19 at 8 pm, till April 28 at Al Hamra Art Council, Mall Road (Hall 1).

The ticket price is around PKR 2,000 per person, and this can also be bought online here.

The Plot

Twins apart sets an interesting premise, stuffed with broken alliances, conflicted loyalties, and suspense of dark secret from their past that could either bring them together or destroy whatever remains of their blood bond. Although the plot is an abstract of pulp clichés, Shah Shrabeel has confirmed that this play is inspired by Blood Brothers and is not a page by page copy.

We are hoping for great fun family time, yet again, with is classic.

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