January 18, 2022

Summer Holidays: 6 Things You Can Totally Do These Holidays

Hey Readers! How are yall? It’s been a minute since I had my mind FULLLL of things that I could do this summer. It’s beyond to know that you have options. Since a lot of college students have just gotten free for actually more than a couple of months, here is a list to keep you from spending your all time in bed miserably. We don’t do miserably in this house of About Lahore, you know? #SayNoToCouchPotatoes

Something you’ve never done before

try something new

Life is a movie, and the more action is in its plot, the better it is for us. Get them ratings up, go wild out there, do crazy things that you would NEVER in a million years do. For example, I hate singing (cause honestly I can’t sing 😋), so these vacations, I might go lala with a karaoke kit, or some take singing exercises and wake the hidden Elvis Presley in me. You can try other hobbies e.g. joining drama classes and brush up acting skills or try drawing, baking, painting, yoga or sketching. Lahore offers a lot opportunities to indulge yourself in one of those things. For instance Al Hamra Arts Council Lahore offers all of these and more in a price as low as PKR500 per month.

Create things with your hands ~ the handicraft

Lahore HandicraftOkay now, this right here is gonna make your heart so peaceful, be it a dish or art. Create stuff with your hands and cherish the feeling afterwards. You can pick DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and be creative. The good thing about this is that the outcome stays with you for life. You can go ambitious and make a piece of furniture or experience zen by choosing pottery. It may sound overwhelming, but trust e once you are into it you will never be the same person (change for good, I mean, LOL.)


Namaz routine

NamazSpeaking of a self-help regime, this comes first and you know it. Now is the time for you to reconnect with Allah and let His blessings shower upon you. Try offering as many namaz as you possibly could and watch yourself spiritually nurture every single day. It involves a form of meditation plus yoga that provides balance in your physical and mental health. It helps us to move away from the stress-inducing thoughts by reinstating our belief, and into the peace and tranquility. Summers have longer breaks between Namaz and allows you to maintain a disciplined routine.

Pump it up by hitting a Gym

It’s never a wrong time to hit the gym, and since you’ve got all this time, you can maintain or attain your body goals. So put your extra pound to work; heat is not the excuse. 😳 Keep yourself hydrated, though

Remember when Rihanna said, “work work work work work work”? I felt that.

Learn new things

Thoughtful young woman sitting in concrete interior with creative business sketch and shadow. Leadership concept

With so much time in your hand, now is your perfect chance to consider this as a sign for you to learn some new skills e.g. language (French is never not hot) or some craft. 🤷‍♂️

I learnt reading Chinese by following Chineasy (now app is also available), how cool is that. You may also choose to learn about summer vegetable and fruits plantation and indulge in gardening; nothing is more satisfying than eating from your organic garden.

Have a brand new skincare routine

Man SkincareWith summers being wild & everything on fire. It’s very important for you to take care of your skin. Skincare routine does not have to be really expensive. Stick with the regular one,

Cleanse ▪ Exfoliate ▪ Moisturize

And, you’re good to go 💛 keep it cute.

All love

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