January 18, 2022

Top 5 Easy VISA Travel Destinations for Pakistanis

Pakistani passport has moved five positions up recently. There are 8 VISA Free countries, and 28 countries offer on-arrival VISA to Pakistan nationals. This improvement in global passport power ranking is exciting for travel enthusiasts. Listed below are the top five awe-inspiring travel destinations that provide easy VISA to Pakistani nationals:


White sandy beaches, warm waters and pleasant weather – Maldives has everything to offer. Considered as a top tourist destination, Maldives is famous for natural tropical beauty, recreational places, and adventurous activities. From November to April is the best time of the year to visit the sinking islands of the Maldives.

VISA Requirement

There is no prior VISA requirement when you visit the Maldives. You are granted a Visa On Arrival (VOA) simply when you reach the airport in the country. However, you should make sure that you carry passport-sized photos and hotel booking (just in the unlikely case of any detailed investigation).

Tourist Attractions

Among many tourist attractions, I find unmatched experiences that are worth your time and money.

SCUBA MaldivesSCUBA Diving: The Maldives is considered the number one destination for trying diving because of its clear and warm waters and marine migration of exotic species. There are pocket-friendly options available and you not need to spend a lot to experience SCUBA and other diving options, due to high competition. You can also try snorkeling if deep water diving is not your thing. Underwater diving without wetsuit is also possible because the waters are warm.


Massage MaldivesSPA Treatments: There is a lot of options on the menu, do your research before landing there. You should try some of their popular massage treatments. My favorite is a Balinese massage that combines acupressure and reflexology techniques. It can help to relieve depression, anxiety and body pains.




Qatar Evening ViewQatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is clean, grand and extravagant. It is the best place to get yourself spoiled. I love Arabic culture for their food, fragrances, and expensive architecture. The best time of the year to visit Qatar is also from November to April; desert summers can be a bit harsh.

VISA Requirement

Qatar offers VISA On Arrival to Pakistani passport holder. However, you will need to present three things on border control. A credit card in your name, proof of polio vaccination and hotel booking. Voila! You are good to enter the beautiful city of DOHA on a 30 days VISA. This VISA is also extendable for a further 30 days.

Tourist Attractions

Qatar has every bit of Arabic Culture offered for you to experience; my top two picks are:

Desert Safari: Doha offers the wild a jeep drive of dune bashing in dessert. Highly skilled drivers will give you an adrenaline rush when they drive you up and down the dunes. This adventure is a real-life roller coaster not for the faint hearts! LOL. After the crazy ride, you stop at a campsite and experience the Arabian night in the desert with food, camel rides, henna tattoos and belly dance performances to chill you out.


Museums: Qatar has the world biggest Islamic museum, the famous Museum of Islamic Arts. As well as they have launched a new museum in 2019, they call it the Qatar Museum. They have many more galleries and museums to give you cultural insight into the middle east.




Azerbaijan NightBounded by the beautiful Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is becoming a leading travel destination. The best thing is that Azerbaijan is not yet overcrowded and corrupted by mass tourism. It still feels pure. Best time is to visit Azerbaijan is in summers until fall (from April to October); winters are snowy and difficult for travelers.

VISA Requirement

You can apply for an e-VISA online, through their ASAN VISA service. It will not cost you more than $30 per person. It is simple to apply, so try doing it by yourself.

Tourist Attractions

I love this place because of its mesmerizing landscapes, both man-made and natural. It feels open and vast. My top two favorite attractions are:

Baku City:

You can not visit Azerbaijan and miss a trip to the old city of Baku. It is full of architectural marvels and ancient heritage that Iranian, Turkic and Caucasia civilizations have left to us. In Gobustan, you can visit mountains with 10,000-year-old petroglyphs (rock paintings from stone age). Nothing can beat reading scripts from our ancestors.


Around 300km away from Baku is another worth visiting the city of Ganja (or Ganca). It is famous for historical buildings and wondrous sightseeing attractions. You can get awestruck by the beauty of Khan Bagy Park and Lake Goygol. You can also experience Turkish bathhouse (Hammam). This city is the home of legendary folklore Layla Majnu, penned by their celebrated poet Nizami Ganjavi.


Beautiful and untouched, Seychelles is an ace destination among tropical island dream destinations. Stunning rocky beaches, exquisite coral reefs, unspoiled jungles, and nature reserves (UNESCO-listed) are just some of the many attractions that make it a perfect getaway. You can plan a visit from April to October and enjoy sunny beaches.

VISA Requirement

Seychelles provide on arrival VISA to Pakistani passport holder. As I have advised above it is better to have a hotel booking in advance, to ensure uninterrupted VISA stamping.

Tourist Attractions


Seychelles is famous mostly for its exotic beaches. You can hit Praslin or Mahe beaches for free, for example. Keep your cameras ready because you will find much unique flora and fauna throughout your trip. Diving, fishing, and snorkeling are the main things-to-do.


Malaysia Night ViewRanked among the magical places in Asia to visit, Malaysia has marked itself as a tourist bliss. Overall, December and February is the best time to visit Malaysia. However, Islands like Langkawi are at their best in summers.

VISA Requirement

In 2019, with recent diplomatic developments to strengthen bilateral relations, Malaysia has announced ease in eVISA for Pakistani Nationals. Through a simple online application, you can get 30 days VISA.

Tourist Attractions

Malaysia is full of tourist attraction. My favorite places to achieve nirvana are:

Langkawi Island:

You can take ferries from the mainland to the northwest corner of Malaysia and experience Langkawi. Famous for its sky bridge and cable cars, this island is a perfect getaway from busy city life. One of the prime attraction is the Underwater World, that has above 500 species of sea creatures.

Kuala Lumpur:

From Natural Parks to Skyscraper, Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer. You can enjoy theme parks, shopping experiences, museum and panoramic observation decks. My favorite thing-to-do in Malaysia is climbing Batu Caves.

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