January 18, 2022

TOP 5 Netflix Series Worth Your Time

This one post is specifically for those who update their status every other week with “What should I watch on Netflix now? 🤔”, as much as we care about you 😳 (for real), here’s something for all Lahoris out there.
So here are my TOP 5 (and when I say MY – I mean I’m very picky and these are LITERALLY the best and hot stuff out there, so trust me) Netflix shows you should watch – if you haven’t already.


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The Crown

Genre: Historical Period Drama
TV Show poster of The Crown Netflix

On some real shiz, This is the MOST interesting series you can watch. Y’all 😩 I hate history, it makes me wanna jump off a building table. But, The Crown is seriously some of my Grade 9 & 10’s syllabi put together and shown compellingly. The story revolves around the world’s most famous monarchy, Great Britain. You will see The Queen in the making and through the ages. Superb acting wrapped in enthralling and majestic production offers a immersive history sneak-peak. There is something itchy about this multiple awards winning series that puts you to binge watch an entire season in one go.

Grace & Frankie

Genre: Comedy

TV Show poster of Grace and FrankieIf this show were a person, I’d give it a THOUSAND hugs! You guys got to understand my love for Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda. These are the most legendary actors and icons of Hollywood! Their personalities in the role, of two unlikely friends caught up in a situation, are so genuine. Gosh! They amaze me. Bless them. It’s a comedy based show & I live for it. Add it to your watch list and thank me later


Genre: Thriller, Crime, Horror.

Scream PosterHave you watched Scream movie? Umm, here we are… talking about Scream Franchise 😰. It’s the most chilling series I’ve ever, ever watched, with so much suspense. It’s an American television series which is VERY scary (mostly crime, but SCARY crime)! Things like cyber-bullying incidents, brutal murder and shocking violence that will surely give to chills. I totally recommend this to all dark-humor, self aware pop culture dialogues and horror fans.

Pretty Little Liars

Genre: Mystery, Crime Fiction.

Pretty Little Liars PosterThis drama series revolves around a bunch of girls who’ve been through very dramatic stuff. Hence, this show’s genre is Crime Fiction, Mystery & Teen drama. PLL is full of ridiculously expensive sometimes overdressed wardrobes, the fabulous hair and makeup, adolescent gossips and spooky yet glamorous fantasy. This seven seasons long series has won multiple Teen Choice Awards. I binge-watched this show and it was worth it – quite corny at times, but we all secretly love it, don’t we?

The End Of The F***g world

Genre: Comedy-drama

End of the f***ing world posterI saved this one for the last, cause I vividly remember when this show came out and i binge-watched it the next day (it’s SOOO worth your time). I got some disease cause I started acting like I was in the series for like, a WHOLE WEEK. This unconventional teen love story is anything but regular. It was so funny (annoying for everyone around me but, who cares? 😋) 😩 why am I like that? But for real, you guys this show is British and has eight episodes, all available on Netflix. Also, each episode is of 20 minutes or something AND those minutes will be BEST of your day. Don’t watch too much of it, if you don’t want to be all Alyssa for the whole week.

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