January 18, 2022

Top 5 True Crime Docuseries You Must Watch

Envy, Greed, Manipulation, Lust, Narcissism, and Wrath – Netflix true crime docuseries reveal the darkest side of humankind. Here are my top 5 picks of most bizarre American true crime docuseries on Netflix that are totally worth your time and attention.

Wild Wild Country

There is enough said and written about this masterpiece. I love this series for an unusual reason. Not only that it made me fascinated how Ma Anand Sheela was able to mobilize people amazingly, but how her character questioned my morality. There is a dichotomy of a strange kind of respect for her because of her capabilities and hatred of sin-sickness of Rajneshpooram. This six-part series is bizarre, unusual and surely binge-worthy. Wild Wild Country has given me a new perspective on political activism, which is educational in its own.


Uncovering a strange internet phenomenon, competitive endurance tickling, this documentary is totally cringy. I am listing it in docuseries because you can find post-documentary episodes on its website. David Ferrier has revealed a psychological trap where young men are paid for getting tied and tickled. Once trapped they are being blackmailed for the rest of their lives because of their association with this bizarre fetish. Tickled is critically acclaimed for its content and careful execution, it’s worth every second.

Making a Murderer

Netflix Making a Murderer

Every once in a while you come across a piece of art that changes you as a person. Making a murderer has that effect on me. You can find two seasons of docuseries on Netflix that highlights problems in judicial systems and law enforcement agencies. Steven Avery becomes a victim of power-abuse and ends up in jail for not one but two times. If you like courtroom drama and series like SUITS, this one will give you more than what you can ask. I loved it for its Rashomon effect kind of plot development. Avery’s wrongful conviction has also sprung a need for analyzing confession interviews. This true crime American documentary has a gripping story and must definitely be watched.

Evil Genius

Evil GeniusThis mindboggling true crime docuseries is about the most infamous bank heist of America, in 2003. Fifteen years later, you will meet one of the most diabolical, cunning and manipulative perpetrators in this four-episode series. It is rightly titled; only a genius can pull such a heinous plot for a bank robbery. Unlike many others, this docuseries is not forcing any issue but place a very complicated plot convincingly. Evil Genius’ story is compelling, bizarre and chilling.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

netflix ted bundy tapesWhat was going on inside the mind of the most devilish yet charming serial-killers of all times? These archival tape records will unveil the narcissist that killed over 30 young ladies in the 1970s. Ted Bundy shamelessly weaves a false narrative to avoid a confession tactfully, in those tapes. He was unconventionally manipulative and dangerously sweet. It is said that the term serial-killer was coined because of him. Not only that he committed horrendous crimes, but he also defended his case by himself. Bundy might be a dark and despicable of all, but the constellation of stories around him are worth a watch.

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