January 18, 2022

We Welcome Bengal Tigers in Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo spent PKR 10 million to adopt a pair of Bengal Tigers from South Africa. The couple is three and four years old.

To make them comfortable with the new environment and or course new caretakers, the cats are kept in separate cages. It is advisable not to disturb them a lot, in this adjustment time. Visitors are also requested to be polite and less noisy around this beautiful pair.

They were available for viewing on 14th April 2019. The visitors were delighted to meet the Bengal Tigers.

Lahore zoo already had a couple of tigers before. But last year due to an unfortunate epidemic, three tigers had died. The zoo management has taken all the right measures to ensure better health of the animals. At the same time, visitors need to be cautious and follow the instructions at the zoo.

Fun Facts

  • The Bengal Tiger, as the name says, is the national animal of our friend Bangladesh. It is also printed on the Bangladeshi Takka currency note.
  • The Bengal Tiger has the most massive canine teeth among all cat family, at an approximately four inches long.
  • Just like human fingerprints; Bengal Tiger stripes are unique, and it is not only on the fur but also the skin has striped color.

Bengal Tigers – An Endangered Species

The Bengal Tigers is an endangered species, with around 2,500 left in the wild (stats as of 2011).
In 2012, The World Wide Fund (WWF) initiated a global campaign named ‘Save Tigers Now’ which works for the protection of the Bengal Tiger in the wild. This fund is aimed to reduce the threats to the tigers, hence increase the population by 2022. They encourage consumers to stop buying products made out of dead wildlife, especially when traveling abroad. For donations and more information, check out their website here.

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