January 18, 2022

What is this Check-in Fever!

A few days back I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and found a lot of check-ins. A few of my friends were HAVING FUN at an expensive restaurant in Lahore, and the other few were FEELING FANTASTIC at a Saloon and so on. The list is long – I am afraid I will bore you giving the full list.

A Turmoil Of Growing Insecurities

Have we all ever thought about how others feel receiving this information? What are they up to at the time of reading all this? Are they feeling a contented sense of happiness in their lives? Do their loved ones afford to take them out? Can they afford to have dinner in a luxury setting? Don’t you think this social media is making our publishing a little too insensitive and self-centered? We are actually in a race to come first. We need to constantly project be the happiest couple on this planet (AWW). We have unconscious wish reflect a perfect image of our life; such that we might lose our true self. We are scared of letting people know that we might have arguments, almost every other day. We are afraid to tell people how the last ten days of a salaried person are hard, every month. How we spend money with a hundred thoughts before falling prey of compulsive consumerism. We feel a sense of embarrassment if people will get to know we had a Baingan Allu for dinner (Not that I mean it is inferior in any sense, it is just a normal happy dinner item). Of course, no one on an ordinary day will post that they got a big pimple on their face.
All of this self-projection of a near perfect image of our life creates a behavior we call Fear-Of-Missing-Out (FOMO) in our new-age millennial lingo. And this is conventionally referred to as Hasarat, which makes others feel lonely and isolated.

How Are We Giving Back To Our Society

Social Media is a product of first-world, where basic welfare is provided to the masses. However, we belong to a community where a larger portion of society is actually struggling to make their means. I genuinely want all of us to take a moment and think. I know we cannot spread and give happiness to everyone, but unintentionally, every day, we are causing unnecessary emptiness inside people in our radar.

What Should We Do About It

If one has a strong bond with their spouse, it has nothing to do with others, as a matter of fact. If someone had a lavish dinner in a luxurious restaurant let’s be thankful to Allah, and avoid to show off. If someone bought an expensive piece of jewelry for you, we shouldn’t feel the need to post the photo tagging 200 people and show it off.
We can share our experiences on Facebook knowing who should be seeing it, by using privacy settings. We may, however, share how we accomplished our goals, what hardship your relationships had gone through and we made it smooth or maybe if we really want to share some experience of a good place we can recommend that in a modest way. Just remember one thing before you click post on social media that it will imprint in minds and hearts of your friend list on average!!! We surely do not want to project a fabricated perfection as this may affect the hearts and minds of our loved ones.

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