January 18, 2022

Zehra Bibi – Female Butcher In Lahore

Butchery requires working in extreme working conditions. Women in Pakistan, however deal with meat and poultry in their kitchens, have not been seen working as a butcher. Zehra Bibi is an exception to this convention. She is working in Hyperstar market (Carrefour Lahore).

Zehra is the earning-hand of her family. Unlike west, Pakistan have very minimum pay-gap for working women. Zehra is also quite satisfied with her work environment. Her company, which is operated by Dubai-based Majid Al Futtaim Group, has provided her a four to five months training and offered her a 9am to 6pm job.

Stories like Zehra Bibi is an inspiration for people in Lahore.

How to apple jobs in Carrefour

You can send you resume to Carrefour (Hyperstar). Joining an international brand like Carrefour can be a good start or boost for your career. They also offer a competitive salary, benefits and opportunities to grow. You can email them at


[Story originally featured in Dawn Newspaper]

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